The fine lines of prestige cars require a showroom designed and constructed to the high specifications of the cars themselves

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view of the servie area

Maintaining high levels of performance in a car requires regular fine tuning. Likewise in the construction industry, when each new project often has specific requirements, fine tuning can involve working closely with both the architect and the client to make sure everything runs smoothly.

On the Porsche Centre Brisbane project, construction company A Iacovella worked as construction manager, a role which facilitated greater interaction with the architect and the client, and resulted in the successful completion of the project, says company director Tony Iacovella.

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view of the warehouse area

"This was a prestige project that required special attention to surface detailing to properly reflect the marque of the car maker," he says.

Porsche's corporate imaging requirements meant that a significant proportion of the internal finishes and materials were sourced from Europe.

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view of the porsche showroom building with heavy use of alluminium cladding

"Because so many materials were sourced from Europe we had to pay careful attention to the construction programming finding solutions that allowed work to continue despite the long lead times," says Iacovella.

For more details, contact A Iacovella, PO Box 109 Ferny Hills, Qld, 4055, phone (07) 3849 171.

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14 Jun, 2005

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