Hideaway Bins are ideal for kitchen, bathroom and laundry

Rubbish, clutter and dirty laundry are easily managed with under-counter Hideaway Bins

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Bathroom clutter is a thing of the past with a Hideaway Bin always out of sight under the vanity, yet at the ready.

We all take pride in our interiors, but it can be an on-going battle to keep work surfaces and floors clutter free and looking good whether it's cooking scraps in the kitchen, daily mess in the bathroom, or dirty clothes in the laundry.

Kitchen King manufactures and distributes the Hideaway Bin range of innovative hidden storage solutions. The company is 100% family owned and operated and is led by the father and daughter team of Allen and Jamie Bertelsen.

Hideaway Bins include options for rubbish, recycling or storage. The discreet under-counter systems keep your spaces looking good in two ways by banishing mess and by remaining out of sight when not in use.

Strong Hideaway Bins make light of laundry. Air bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, chest of drawers, drawer, floor, furniture, home appliance, product, product design, gray
Strong Hideaway Bins make light of laundry. Air venting in the laundry hampers ensure ventilation for clothing.

However by far their biggest advantage is to-hand convenience. It's easy to keep a benchtop clean, for example, when a quick whisk delivers rubbish straight into the waiting bin.

For strength, the framework is made from high-grade steel, powdercoated for durability. Quality runners are designed to hold upwards of 40kg and they over extend so the bucket can be removed easily from under the benchtop.

The buckets are made from a food-grade polypropylene and come complete with a liner holder designed to keep the bin liner in place. All buckets fit standard bin liners available from local supermarket chains.

Never part of the scenery, Hideaway Bins keep countertop, floor, glass, gray, black
Never part of the scenery, Hideaway Bins keep kitchens looking clean and clutter-free. This kitchen features a twin 40L bucket configuration.

The friction-fitted lid that features in the Soft Close and Deluxe ranges has a Clinikill powdercoat to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi ensuring the bins are hygienic at all times.

For further details, contact Hideaway Bins, (09) 426 7456. Web: www.hideawaybins.co.nz

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28 Jul, 2015

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