Hidden heart large scullery is the working kitchen

Kitchen scullery makes light work of entertaining

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wide shot fo kitchen, white, contemporary, bar stools at island, lights hanging overhead, white walls dark floors

Sleek, uncluttered kitchens look great, but how do you keep them looking that way when you love to entertain?

The solution for the owners of this new house was to build two kitchens one that is essentially for show and another one directly behind, where all the work takes place.

Designer Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens By Design says that right from the outset the design emphasis was on the working kitchen or scullery.

"Everything happens in the scullery," Gillbanks says. "This is where all the food preparation and cooking takes place. The sleek front kitchen is mainly just used for serving dishes and as a drinks area."

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scullery, centre island, pots and pans hanging from above, white cabinetry, dark benchtops granite, rangehood over freestanding dual oven.

The designer says the owners wanted to incorporate a 1500mm-wide freestanding oven, 900mm refrigerator and 900mm dishwasher in the scullery, plus lots of bench space and storage.

"There also needed to be enough room for several people to work in the scullery at the same time. It was designed much like a commercial kitchen, with caterers in mind there is even a door that opens directly to the front of the house so food and groceries can be unloaded easily."

In keeping with traditional scullery design, the room features open shelving and cabinets without doors.

"The chefs need to be able to reach any item or utensil instantly," says Gillbanks. "But even with all the cabinets, we ran out of room, so I added a hanging pot rack."

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view from outside decking past dining room through to kitchen

Red cookware and appliances enliven the space and ensure it doesn't look too utilitarian, despite its functionality.

"The owners say people gravitate to the room when they are preparing meals, even though this wasn't planned for."

An island in the scullery provides additional food preparation space. This has a stainless steel top, while the rest of the benchtops in both kitchens are Silestone. The front of this island has cabinet doors, to provide a more streamlined look when viewed from the living area.

"However, when the glass cavity door between the two kitchens is closed, the scullery is invisible," says Gillbanks.

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06 Aug, 2012

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