Grounds for success top-end espresso equipment from Roma Coffee Roasters

Top-end espresso equipment from Roma Coffee Roasters

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Roma Coffee Roasters

A delicious cup of coffee is, for many of us, the perfect start to the day. To achieve this at home is simple, but it calls for a good espresso machine, the skills to operate it, and quality, fresh coffee.

Current roastmaster and owner of Roma Coffee Roasters Aaron Wyatt can help with all aspects of producing the perfect brew, from repair and maintenance of equipment through to choosing the right coffee blend to suit your taste.

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Roma Coffee Roaster

Roma Coffee Roasters, located just off the motorway in Drury, stock a selection of top-end home espresso equipment including traditional Italian brands such as Rocket, San Remo, La Nuvo Era and Mazzer, and Swiss-engineered Jura fully automatic models.

"Because we are not allied to any one brand of machine, we can give unbiased advise to help customers choose the best machine for their needs," Wyatt says.

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Roma Coffee Roasters

"An important consideration when selecting an espresso machine is after-sales service and availability of spare parts." To this end, Roma Coffee Roasters offer a full workshop facility.

For more information, visit Roma Coffee Roasters, 250 Great South Rd, Drury, Auckland, or Beverage Services, 49 Plunket Ave, Manukau, phone (09) 250 1418. Email: aaron@romacoffee.co.nz. Website: www.romacoffee.co.nz.

Story by: Trendsideas

29 Jul, 2011