Green is the new gold

New Zealand housing is changing. Did you know that your land could have an important part to play?

Story by: David Renwick
We need to start thinking beyond greenfield development biome, grass, green, house, land lot, property, real estate, roof, green
We need to start thinking beyond greenfield development

New Zealand's population continues to tick upwards, year after year. This means we need to start thinking about alternatives to traditional greenfield development.If we want to put the days of endlessly expanding outwards behind us, now is the time to reuse and redevelop land.At G.J. Gardner, we think it's best to focus on three different areas, outlined here:Knock Down RebuildWith much of New Zealand's housing stock of poor quality – not to mention damp, cold and unventilated – consider tearing it down and building new.This means you can keep the land you love, including the school zone, local community and view, and build a new, warm and comfortable home designed to modern construction standards.Infill HousingOtherwise known as subdividing, infill housing is a great way to add new housing stock to an existing suburb. As a homeowner, you're able to open up your options (live in the new home, rent it out or sell it), and expand the number of homes in NZ.Medium DensityLastly, there's medium density housing. This sits between detached housing and high density apartment living, offering the benefits of both without the downsides. One of the best things about medium density housing is that it doesn't disrupt neighbourhoods, yet reduces land use per house.Find out more on the G.J. Gardner websiteAs Mark Twain famously said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.Learn learn more about Knock Down Rebuild, infill housing and medium density developments on the G.J. Gardner website:


We need to start thinking beyond greenfield development biome, grass, green, house, land lot, property, real estate, roof, green
We need to start thinking beyond greenfield development
Dec 15, 2017





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