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Giving away your property’s capital gains might seem like a crazy idea in today’s housing climate, let alone providing the house below cost, but for the team at GJ Gardner Pukekohe and Hamilton, it’s just another way to lend a hand.

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Two G.J. Gardner homes will go under the hammer with all of the profitsand capital gains going to the charity Big Buddy, a New Zealand organisationthat partners fatherless boys with a positive male role model

In August, two GJ Gardner homes will go under the hammer with all of the profits and capital gains going to the charity Big Buddy, a New Zealand organisation that partners fatherless boys with a positive male role model. One day Big Buddy hopes to expand to more regions across the country but with only 9% of funding coming from the Government, to make that dream a reality they rely on the generosity of funders, sponsors, and donations. The more funding they get, the more matches they can make. For two years now G.J. Gardner has been supporting Big Buddy at a national level through donations and mentoring. Grant Porteous, the NZ Master Franchisor for GJ Gardner Homes, says: “Every boy needs a father figure and that’s why it’s been great for us to be involved with Big Buddy in a way that goes further than just financial support. We wanted to help them establish the platform and structures to go fully national.” “We have been involved in discussions with management at Big Buddy, talking to their board, offering business advice and introducing the team to some of our great contacts. The auctions are really exciting for us because they are a great way for the GJ Gardner franchises to get on board across the country.” The Big Buddy Big Auctions have been 12 months in the making, and while donating the profits alone sounds generous, when you take into account the support and donations from other businesses it’s huge. The sheer volume of businesses contributing to the project has significantly reduced the cost of the builds making the potential profit higher.ITM are the building supplies partner, Huntly Joinery have donated the windows and kitchens and, Harcourt’s in Hamilton and Barfoot and Thompson in Pukekohe are marketing the properties pro bono. There is a vast list of suppliers who have provided not only materials but also time in order to build these houses below cost so profits can be maximised for Big Buddy. Travis Field from Big Buddy says: “the support that we’ve had on these auctions is amazing and without it, we wouldn’t have been able to expand into the Waikato anywhere near as quickly. Our Dad’s teach us so many life lessons, so to be able to give the opportunity to young boys who don’t have a father figure, for reasons that are out of their control, is really special.” Big Buddy has opened new branches in South Auckland and Hamilton, adding to the already established branches in Auckland and Wellington and hopes to be able to expand into other regions to help more fatherless boys off the back of these auctions. For more information on the auctions head to GJ’s facebook page and to become a big buddy or donate head online.

07 Aug, 2017

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