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This apartment interior makeover wades into a space-wasting, traditional layout and turns it into a modern, cleverly connected run of rooms

Interior makeover by Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados (GOAA)

From the interior designer:


Located in a central neighbourhood of São Paulo called Higienópolis, this 150m² apartment had a traditional division between social and sleeping areas. 

The three bedrooms were accessed through a hallway and therefore completely apart from the living space. 

In addition, the kitchen had a large laundry area with a small bathroom and service bedroom. 

The transformation

In order to adapt the apartment to the new residents' needs, the project completely remodelled the layout of the social and sleeping areas, as well as the kitchen and laundry area. 

One of the bedrooms was expanded to receive a closet and enlarge its bathroom, making it the main bedroom of the residence. 

The two other bedrooms were integrated to the living areas through translucent sliding doors made of steel and glass that can be fully opened, or closed off from the living zone when necessary. 

In the kitchen area the bathroom and bedroom were removed to make the space wider and the floorplan was reorganised to compact the laundry room. 

The intention of this renovation was to create a welcoming and integrated domestic space with comfortable ventilation and natural lighting.

Designed by: Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados (GOAA)

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Maura Mello

08 Oct, 2023

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