Gessi Rettangolo Collection

A style icon, Rettangolo embraces basic and pure lines to bring elegant minimalism to baths. To create styles that endure, Gessi has evolved its own refined design language, based on elemental primary shapes such as the rectangle.
Gessi Rettangolo Towel Bar

A piece of sculpture for a contemporary bath, the Rettangolo towel rack defines the art of convenience. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Deck-Mount Faucet

Single-handle Rettangolo deck-mount faucet with simple lines is a design icon. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Wall-Mount Faucet

Refined lines make this Rettangolo faucet a work of art for today's spa bathrooms. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Colour

With the Rettangolo Colour faucet, users watch the water color change with the temperature. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Bench

Ideal in any master bath, the Rettangolo bench makes for a relaxing spot. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo

With its iconic rectangular shape, the Rettangolo collection turns a bathroom into a serene escape. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Soap Dispenser

To complete the total look of a spa bath retreat, the Rettangolo collection includes a full selection of accessories such as this wall-mount soap dispenser. Read more

Gessi Rettangolo Shower

Rettangolo wall-mount shower head and companion hand shower set the stage for a clean, contemporary spa shower. Read more

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