Gessi Goccia Collection

Gessi’s Goccia collection was inspired by the fluid shape of a water droplet and includes faucets, lavs, showers and accessories.

White Goccia pedestal lav and floor-mount faucet are like a piece of sculpture for a spa bath, enhanced by the coordinating mirror and accessories.

gessi ceiling mount goccia faucet and lav 33699-39135.jpg

Dramatic arching floor-mount faucet paired with platinum dipped ceramic Goccia vessel sink and ceiling-mount towel rack are at home in any contemporary or transitional bath.

Classic chrome Goccia deck-mount faucet and elegant white vessel sink make a timeless combination.

Juxtaposed with a black Goccia faucet, the white Goccia vessel sink is a style that will endure for years.

Shaped like a drop of water, Gessi's Goccia collection includes lavs, faucets, showers and accessories including mirrors.

Suspended from the ceiling, Goccia faucet teams with Goccia platinum dipped vessel sink for a one-of-a-kind look.

gesssi goccia 01.jpg

gessi goccia chrome deck .jpg

gessi white goccia sink, faucet and accessories.jpg

goccia shower concepts preview image.jpg

Droplet shaped Goccia shower heads add a subtle touch to a luxurious spa shower.

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10 Nov, 2015

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