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This design celebrates a natural, undulating groundscape and native plantings at the front, while the rear garden softens forms and brings privacy

Designed by Mark Bell, Bell Landscapes

From the designer:

The front garden

 This was a completely new build and the entire site was a blank canvas when we started – there were no plants in either the front or back garden when we commenced works.

The front gardens were intended to embrace a very natural, organic and native feel, the aim being to also complement the extensive native bush land directly across the road in Centennial Park.

The planting palette consists of about 90% Australian native species including groundcovers, shrubs, native grasses and various small trees such a Syzigium for screening and Tuckeroos as features.

The view from the house towards the street
The view from the house towards the street showing the beautiful combination of plant textures, colours and shapes – undulations throughout the garden offer interest and highlight the feature trees.

We created mounds throughout the garden area to create interest and an organic natural feel; we didn't want the garden to be all one level but rather to have it undulating as you would expect in a natural environment. 

This was further enhanced by installing a crushed granite pathway that meanders through the gardens for access to the side passage and also assisting in garden maintenance.

Helichrysum is in the foreground with zoysia grass
Helichrysum is in the foreground with zoysia grass in the background. This is a low maintenance grass with a beautiful texture which feels like carpet to walk on.

The back garden

The rear garden was quite different in that this was to be the main entertaining zone for family and friends so most of the plants were used along the boundaries to screen the fences and add privacy, with the main section turfed for the enjoyment of children and pets.

The paving steppers leading from the front gate are surrounded by groundcovers to add softness and texture and minimise the hard footprint of the pavers.

Looking from the rear of the home out
Looking from the rear of the home out over the pool and lawn area, to the studio and garage beyond. Here, the plants are used mainly to soften and screen the fences and add privacy.

As the seasons turn

There are many different flowering species and a large part of our focus was to create plants that would add variation throughout the seasons. 

Some of the grasses will become dormant through the winter so can be heavily cut back to promote new growth for spring and summer.

There is also a beautiful crêpe myrtle – these trees are deciduous and create a nice contrast between the seasons.

Credit list

Allied Office
Landscape design and construction

Designed by: Mark Bell, Bell Landscape

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Murray Fredericks

17 Jul, 2022

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