This sculptural sports centre by Brooks + Scarpa cheers up rain-stopped fixtures by turning raindrops into a water fall feature

Designed by Brooks + Scarpa

From the architects:

The setting

The Youth Sports Complex for the City of Pompano Beach, Florida, transforms a 4 hectare site along Northeast 10th Street into a new park facility with soccer, football and lacrosse fields, parking areas and a field house with concessions, offices, storage, and restroom facilities. 

The new Youth Sports Complex is intended to accommodate large-scale sports events and tournaments with up to a 1000 people. 

Brooks + Scarpa was tasked with the design of the Field House; a 380m² structure located at the centre of the park close to 10th Street. 

The 'Field House'

The Field House creates a structure that serves as signage for the park with office space, restroom, and storage. 

The north elevation is made of a metal lattice structure that integrates a large sign that is lit at night and seen in the day from 10th Street. 

The shell is created with board-formed concrete – creating a playful and sculptural façade. 

A wrap around porch provides respite from sun and inclement weather. 

Under the porch are high-velocity fans provide cooling stations for athletes and spectators alike. 

A concession area and office space provide clear views of the fields and parking areas to create a safe and attractive event space. 

The design is made of highly durable and cost-efficient materials.  

The roof is sloped in a way to make a spectacle of rainfall from the scupper. 

Falling water

The rain cascades from the roof into a raingarden where the water is infiltrated back into the aquifer. 

Low impact landscape design is integrated with omni-directional structure to reduce irrigation while creating a resilient and sustainable design for the City of Pompano Beach.  

This will be a tremendous boost for our youth programs, Pompano Beach Recreation program director Mark Beaudreau says. 

“We are thrilled to see this and other projects underway.”

Credit list

City of Pompano Beach Youth Sports Complex – Field House
City of Pompano Beach
Structural engineering, electrical, mechanical, plumbing
RGD Engineers
Shiff Construction + Development
Landscaping/civil engineering
Brooks + Scarpa

Designed by: Brooks + Scarpa

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Brooks + Scarpa

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