Full metal jacket

Faced with a variously occupied neighbourhood this home stands out in its black livery and presents as a series of stacked metal-clad boxes 

Designed by Mark Peters, Studio Dwell Architects

From the architects:

This home occupies a sub-standard lot in Chicago’s Bucktown neighbourhood.  

The modest residence is nestled within a rich architecturally diverse neighbourhood.

The house is comprised of a series of stacked metal clad boxes; a ground floor 'public' box, a first floor 'private' box and a penthouse level 'green' box.  

The ground floor contains full height glass on both ends and glass slots on the sides while the first floor cantilevers over the ground floor providing shade.  

The penthouse level is set back on the front and rear to allow for front and back landscaped terraces.

Given the limited site and building footprint, the program elements are carefully set together and reduced in dimension.  

To offset the limited floor plate, the ground floor plan was opened up with natural light sources throughout.  

Since the garage necessitated being tight to the house, the garage roof was sloped to allow for a direct angle of southern sunlight into the home while still allowing vehicles to fit underneath.

From the front, one enters through the Corten steel gate, across landscaped paving, up stone treads, past board formed concrete walls and planters to the recessed stone landing and walnut door.  

Following the concrete wall into the foyer, the interior is contrasted in white surfaces, glass partitions and a 2-storey space to allow light to spread.

The penthouse level with front and back landscaped terraces has full sliding glass walls to blur the line between the interior built and the exterior natural environments.  

Separated from the street, this level provides a calming experience complete with views of the city skyline.

Designed by: Mark Peters, Studio Dwell Architects

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Marty Peters

05 Jun, 2022

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