The setting is perfect, the existing in-ground pool nestles into its sandy location – but the pool itself is tired – enter Pool Co for an award-winning make over

Refurbishment by Poolco

This existing family pool in the most idyllic location has been reinvented by Poolco, also a franchisee of Cascade Pools.

While Poolco builds pools from excavation to in-ground pool to finish, for this project owner of Poolco Andrew Newitt and his team were asked to refresh and future proof the existing pool shell.

The pool has been freshly plastered but the real story here, says Newitt, was the way the pool was finished.

"The pool received new tiled surrounds and then Poolco applied a Aqua Bright Eco Finish, giving the pool a sparkling new look, making it more comfortable to lounge, swim and play in and importantly minimising upkeep and bringing built-in longevity – naturally a major plus for the owners."  

Technology is our friend

The ground-breaking new high performance pool coating is a game changer and is also applied in a rather dramatic way. 

The polymer substance is pneumatically applied – this entails the 'surface' being sprayed out of an air pressure jet in powdered form and then being heated with a naked flame just before it hits – and instantly fuses to – the pool surface.

Speedy and dramatic

And while it looks dramatic in its quite speedy application, the outcome is even more dramatic and ongoing for the owner.

"The result is an impermeable finish that is uniform, comfortable, and gets rid of the slightly rough surfaces that are often an aspect of more traditional issue with pool linings or surfaces," says Newitt.

Other major plusses are over 20 colour options – as wide as your imagination – and an avoidance of the direct concrete-to-pool water contact that can also cause issues down the line.

The finished surface is PH neutral, essentially meaning the pool water is to the standard of drinking water.

Low upkeep meets future proofing

The best refurbishment for old fibreglass and, as in this case, concrete swimming pools," says Newitt. 

"Then there's the bottom line – this polythermal surface is a dream to maintain and presents tremendous longevity."

This oceanside pool has attracted a Gold award for Refurbished Pools from the New Zealand Swimming Pool Industry Association.

Credit list

Pool refurbisher – plastering and surfacing
Pool lining
Aquabright Eco Finish
Tile edging, structure
Pools R Us
New Zealand Swimming Pool Industry Association – Silver

Designed by: Poolco

Story by: Trendsideas

28 Aug, 2022

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