Freestanding Baths

A collection of beautiful Freestanding therapeutic baths.

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Balneo Sanos 7240

This classic and contemporary freestanding designs in offered with a rolled or flat deck. Read more

Balneo Cella 7240

Always a classic, this claw-foot tub can be personalized with a choice of different optional colors for the feet. Read more

Ayoura 7838

Large and beautiful shaped bath perfect for large bathrooms. Ideal for the comfort of taller people. Read more

Ayoura 7238

The Ayoura freestanding bath comes with three levels or air jets for an enhanced massage. Read more

Essencia 6838

A spectacluar element in any bathroom. The Essencia 6838 provides maximum comfort in a innovative design. Read more

Origami 7242 Design Series

The freestanding Origami, part of a stylish collection that stands out for its clean lines and versatility. Read more


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Evanescence Oval 6636

Evanescence offer all the therapeutic benefits ofhydro-thermo massage & chromatherapy, including better body-mind relaxation, relief of back pain, and improved circulation. Read more


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Evanescence Oval 6636

The Evanescence collection of freestanding baths is stunning in all regards, imbued with flowing, modern lines and finely finished surfaces.An Evanescence bath makes an elegant focal point for any bathroom. Read more

Tekura with Morphosys

Morphosys allows to change the side panels with optional colors as often as you like. Read more


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Balneo Naos 6636

The Naos of the Balneo collection, offered in Thermomasseur and Thermasens therapeutic baths. A classic that does not go out of style. Read more


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Amma 7242 narrow base

The Amma freestanding with narrow base is designed to help bather in and out of tub. The bath seemed to be floating on air! Read more

Evanescence 6634

Transforms any room into a relaxing and elegant sanctuary. Small in size but unveils a vast interior space for complete comfort for one or two bathers. Read more


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