Formica Forever Retro

Lots of wonderful entries from our Formica® retro photo contest... everyone is keen to win the SMEG fridge by sharing their Formica memories with us all!

Some things never change, thank goodness

Our dining table, was my mothers dining table, was my nana

An unfashionable ashtray made 'fashionable with Formica'!

Mint green Formica and chrome - Just love it! It feeds my need for Art Deco after growing up in Napier and takes me back to hot summers at the beach with my lovely grandparents.

Here's my dining table and chairs that actually belong to my mother but I have them on permanent loan. I do believe that the piping around the chairs has been re-done as I'm thinking the original colour was white, however, the table is in perfect original condition and it's the best table ever. E...

My Retro Kid, sitting on our retro chairs, talking on our retro phone beside our retro yellow formica table. Retro Rocks

What a match for the fridge! I am saving to put one of these USA imported booths in my art deco house. Happy dayz!

Woodgrain Formica, With Nan's tea cozy and tartan thermos - a fab 70's combination!

Story by: Trendsideas

18 Dec, 2014

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