Winter's coming but that doesn't mean stow the gardening tools. Plant spring bulbs now for a welcoming spring. Here are some suggestions.

Planting spring bulbs – some favourite options

Add mulch to your flower beds, deadhead flowers, plant or prune roses and sharpen those gardening tools and together with preparing for winter generally, now is the time to look ahead. 

Early winter is the time to plant spring bulbs . Here are a few tried and true favourites that will see your garden burst into colour come spring.

One tip when planting spring bulbs in a warmer temperate climate is to chill the bulbs in the refrigerator for a few weeks before planting. However, they should also stay dry, so storing them in the fridge in a paper bag is an option. 

Of the bulbs here, Tulips, Hyacinth,  Daffodil and Crocus should all be pre-chilled. Essentially, chilling the the bulbs recreates a dormant winter stage that reflects the bulb's natural climate. 

Plant your bulbs in readily draining rich, organic soil and when planting in a particularly damp area consider planting into a slight mound. This is a precaution against bulb rot.


Crocus like sun or full shade, or dappled sunlight, so they grow well under trees. Plant Crocus bulbs 8cm deep and 10 cm apart, with the bulb turned upwards. 


No need to tip toe around these much loved spring flowers. Tulips like a sunny position, plant your bulbs 10 cm apart to a depth of around 8cm.


Hyacinth bulbs love being a sunny, well drained position, and also keep them well watered. These gorgeous, colourful flowers work well in pots or plant them 10 cm apart and 8-10cm deep.

Anemone – AKA windflowers (bees like these)

These extremely easy-to-grow bulbs bloom abundantly through springtime. Sheltered part shade is ideal for Anemone bulbs. These should be planted just 4cm deep and about 8cm apart.


Let's face it, spring wouldn't be spring without a bursting of daffodils! And the good news is they are easy to grow. Plant in mid autumn if possible. 10 cm deep and 10 cm apart, in a sunny, drained position.

Muscari (grape hyacinths)

Muscari offer the prettiest of ground cover and are also ideal for borders. Plant 15cm apart in full sun/ partial shade.


Ranunculus produce many flowers per bulb. Plant their bulbs in full sun about 4 cm deep and 8cm apart.

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02 May, 2021

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