Fit-out for media company Fairfax creates colour-coded zones according to noise levels

This activity based workplace for Fairfax Media divides up the two floors according to their uses and noise levels Resene paints were used to delineate the colour-coded zones
The work stations and most meeting rooms are architecture, ceiling, yellow, gray
The work stations and most meeting rooms are in the medium-noise zone, denoted by yellow Resene Galliano.

When leading media group Fairfax consolidated to new premises, the fit-out reflected an exciting, activity-based workplace with flexibility at its heart.

A key part of the office design by TSE was the creation of sound-appropriate zones on both floors designated according to areas of use. The zones are identified by their tell-tale colours appearing on doors, lockers and as furniture accents.

Resene Seagrass, a green, denotes the quiet zone glass, window, gray
Resene Seagrass, a green, denotes the quiet zone in the Fairfax Media fit-out.

On the lower reception floor, for example, the louder red zone signified by Resene Salsa includes the cafe, kitchen, call centre and editorial department. Around this area lies the medium-noise yellow zone, with workstations and meeting spaces in Resene Galliano. The outer edges of the floor are designated the quiet zone in green Resene Seagrass where workstations are located with pods that provide privacy and acoustic dampening. All these staff-orientating colours pop against neutral white walls in Resene Half Merino.

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Jun 21, 2017
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