Fine art in glass

Add personality, color and light to your kitchen with a handcrafted decorative glass backsplash from Sheri Law Art Glass

View of kitchen with horses on a glass countertop, furniture, kitchen, white, blue
View of kitchen with horses on a glass backsplash, blue cabintery, tiled walls, grainte countertops with stove in middle and grainte island countertop

Many of us feature art throughout our homes, yet curiously, the kitchen is often one of the last rooms to be personalized with the addition of a piece of fine art.

Sheri Law and her team of artists create decorative art glass pieces that can be displayed throughout the home, adding light, color and personality. The team approaches each project as a one-off work of art, liaising closely with the client during the design, fabrication and installation stages.

Custom art glass backsplashes are a popular and effective way of introducing a piece of art into the kitchen. Each piece is individually designed and created on the back of pure Starphire glass, using a gilding technique in carved glass that is enhanced by metallic leafs and paints.

View of three pieces of lighted fused glass lighting accessory, white, brown
View of three pieces of lighted fused glass hang above the island in the kitchen

This process allows for strikingly clear colors and creates an easily maintained surface. To complement appliances in the kitchen, the art glass backsplash can be set into a stainless steel background.

Art glass from Sheri Law Art Glass brightens and adds distinction to kitchen, bath and family room windows, entryways, skylights, cabinet doors and fireplaces.

"We are introducing our Signature Collection of backsplashes and wall art, with ten very distinct design concepts and color combinations, and all are signed works of art," says Sheri Law.

View of kitchen gass stove with a oriental cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, flooring, home appliance, interior design, kitchen, kitchen appliance, room, gray
View of kitchen gass stove with a oriental backsplash, customed designed cabinetry with grainte countertop kitchen appliances on eachside of stove

For more information, contact Sheri Law Art Glass or visit the 10,000 sq ft showroom at 12551 W 159th Street, Homer Glen, IL 60491, phone (708) 301 2800. Email: info@sherilaw.com. Website: www.sherilawartglass.com.

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04 Apr, 2008

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