Express your style by pairing the natural beauty of stone with a stunning bench top basin

Athena Bathrooms launched their new Volume 17 Catalogue. One big change in the vanity offering included a new slimmed range of bench tops and basins in the wall hung Sirocco Vanity range.

Not only were the bench tops thinned down from 30mm to 20mm in keeping with European trends, but Athena Bathrooms also partnered with Caesarstone to offer more options in their bench top space. Along with the Absolute Black Granite bench top, Caesarstone bench top options include Snow and Sleek Concrete in the Standard bench top and Frosty Carrina and Vanilla Noir in the Supernatural bench top options.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces offer numerous advantages over other types of surface materials. Combining the beauty and strength of quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals, Caesarstone retains the cool tactile qualities of natural stone while offering superior stain, mould and mildew resistance due to its non-porous nature.

For a small premium over the Standard Sirocco bench tops you can upgrade to one of two Supernatural bench top finishes; Frosty Carrina or Vanilla Noir. Inspired by some of the world’s most beautiful natural marble, Caesarstone’s Supernatural designs represent some of the newest additions to the collection. The supernatural designs have all the stain, scratch and water resistance qualities of quartz.  The natural beauty and functionality of Caesarstone surfaces make them ideal for bathroom applications.

New to the basin range is the Circa and Quadra above bench top basins, and the inset Serifos basin which is partially recessed into the bench top.  The Serifos basin is available in two configurations, no tap hole for wall mounted tapware, or one tap hole for basin mounted tapware.  These three styles of basins are manufactured from Athenite, a premium solid surface non porous and stain resistant material, cast from natural minerals and acrylic polymer to form a warm silky gloss finish.

The ever popular inset Slab basin is also available in the no tap hole or one tap hole configurations, also partially recessed into the bench top.  The composite Slab basins are created using a mixture of resin and mineral fillers with a hardwearing gel coat top surface for longevity, resulting in a gloss surface that achieves a clean smooth look almost free from surface imperfections.

The Sirocco cabinet selection is made up of three wall hung styles:

The Alumino cabinet is a good option to go with if you do not want handles on your vanity.  The negative detail soft closing doors and drawers are managed via a concealed opening system.

The Velaire cabinet offers a balanced look, with soft closing doors and drawers and three handle options to choose from, including one in a black finish.

The Soltero cabinet is a drawer only style with soft closing drawers and features an internal drawer, good for storing smaller toiletries or make-up.

All three cabinet styles are available in a range of colours, starting with 8 Standard colour/woodgrain finishes, 4 textured laminate Durachique finishes, and 4 high gloss Exochique finishes.

The Sirocco Create Vanity Range will allow you to hand pick each component of your vanity, from the cabinet style to the stone bench top to one of the new style basins.  This unique selection allows individuals to develop a personalised look that will enhance their bathroom design at an achievable price range, and all covered with a 5 year warranty on residential domestic use.

Story by: Trends

Photography by: Athena

07 Aug, 2018

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