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Innovative design and refined construction. These are hallmarks of work by Morgan Cronin, a designer known for quality, award-winning kitchens 

While this kitchen by designer Morgan Cronin may
While this kitchen by designer Morgan Cronin may seem to be an exercise in keeping it simple and symmetrical, the effect has been achieved by meticulous planning and a creative approach to the monolithic island design.
Morgan Cronin, Cronin Kitchens
Morgan Cronin, Cronin Kitchens

It would be fair to say respected designer Morgan Cronin started from the ground up. Showing a proficiency for drawing at school he exited the school gate to take up a cabinetry apprenticeship and by 21 had established his own bespoke cabinetry firm.

This early career path brought him into close working relationships with a variety of architects and designers, and his own gift for individual, high-end kitchen design naturally evolved.

Today, Morgan Cronin and his design company Cronin Kitchens, formed in 1989, has a long string of industry awards to its name. His exceptional work covers everything from traditional and classic/contemporary to modern contemporary and minimalist.

While Cronin creates kitchens in a variety of styles and materials, he particularly likes working with natural materials, such as marble and wood, loving the individuality and timeless quality of both.

“Sustainability is important to me, too, and one way to address this is to use quality materials and appliances. The longer a kitchen delivers in terms of design relevance and function, the greener it is," the respected designer says.

For inspiration for his kitchens, Morgan always picks up on conscious or unconscious cues from his homeowners to create a design that ideally suits them and their available space.

“There's no one thing that I really draw from. I don't spend a lot of time on my computer looking for ideas. I love going to Milan and the furniture fair and really getting engrossed in the design, including all the events and things that happen around Milan furniture week," he says. "Although of course, that has been on pause for a while now.

"However, I definitely draw inspiration from my homeowner and their surroundings. I really feel that my kitchens appear to belong in the spaces that they're in. They’re made to fit and are really harmonious.

"I think that’s what makes my kitchens unique. Plus I put a huge amount of time into each kitchen."

Cronin’s approach is a very hands on one. He draws his plans by hand, a proficiency continued from the classroom.

“Working out the plan often takes quite a while and to come up with something different and unique I actually produce quite a few varied ideas,” the designer says.

"Even when I create a design that I think is perfect, I’ll always try to come up with a few alternative designs, even if they are unrealistic or not suited to the brief. Just to push the boundaries and make sure that I’ve considered every possible scenario."

Morgan Cronin works in a wide range of price ranges, with choice of materials and appliances naturally playing an integral part.

To find out more and talk to Morgan Cronin, contact Cronin Kitchens, phone 09 813 6192, PO Box 28-700, Remuera, Auckland; email: info@croninkitchens.co.nz; or visit the website here

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09 May, 2021

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