Existing pool costly? A new cover is a game changer

Just because your older, much-loved pool isn't cutting edge doesn't mean it can't deliver up-to-the minute functionality – Covers 4 Pools offers two styles ideal for retrofitting 

Getting the most from your existing pool

Your existing family pool might be holding its own in terms of fun, exercise, and offering a great social hub – but it's equally important that you don't have to worry about heating costs along the way.

A new pool cover locks in your pool's warmth when it's not in use and while not a replacement for safety fencing it will offer a level of protection for your family, too.

Covers 4 Pools offers a range of covers and accessories to help you make the most of your backyard watering hole – the following options are ideal for giving an older pool 21st century functionality and cost savings.

1/ Coverstar – the hassle-free way to modernise your pool's operation


Coverstar swimming pool safety covers can support the weight of an average-sized adult, providing complete peace of mind that your pool is always secure. 

Less chemicals

Coverstar covers prevent dirt, dust, and leaves from entering your pool, reducing your chemical usage by up to 70%. 

Locked in warmth – a key advantage

These covers retain your pool's heat big time, whether from it's the sun's rays or in-pool heating – significantly cutting down on heating costs. 

Automatic – save your energy for swimming!

After all, who needs a manual workout before you even dive in? Coverstar covers are fully automated with a simple turn of a key

Ideal for existing pools

Your Coverstar cover securely attaches to two tracks in your pool, and when activated, it smoothly rolls on or off. 

These no-fuss installation covers are ideal for retro-fitting your existing pool.

2/ Rolleasy – the name says it all

Robust solution

The Rolleasy above-ground automatic slatted cover combines robustness and compactness with a choice of two colours – including a blue tint version. 

Simple and quick installation

The Rolleasy is the most economical shutter, offering a simple and quick installation for any existing pool.

Solar or electric operation

Available in solar or electric versions, the Rolleasy is a versatile heat-trapping solution for existing pools.

Quick and easy installation whatever the setting

With a smaller footprint and adjustable feet, this pool cover is suited to expansive or smaller swimming pool situations.

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09 Jun, 2024

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