Evoking nature's charms

This calming interior draws on the Jersey home's rich and varied landscape with each room evoking a different aspect of the environment

Designed by Honky

From the interior designer:

Setting the (wider) scene

Jersey has a rich and varied landscape. 

Its sweeping dunes and patchwork of green fields is flanked by towering cliffs and circled by unspoilt beaches.  

The terrain is flat on the south coast, with rocky headlands, rising gradually to rugged cliffs along the north coast.

We were commissioned to do the full interior design service for a new home, in Rue de Campagne in Jersey. 

The five bedroom home was built with indigenous jersey stone, slate and sandy tones in the natural habitat in mind. 

Reflecting beachscape

A contemporary build in its construction, the internal brief was to reflect the variety of the landscape. 

The large living room echoes the beaches washed clean by time, leaving sun-warmed rock pools and lagoons to explore – seen in a colour palette of coppers, blues and pale drift-wood finishes on the bespoke cabinetry.  

The marble hearth and coffee table emulate the grey and silky nature of the pebbles on the beaches.

Echoing rocky headlands

In the master bedroom, the rocky headlands of Jersey are reflected in the deep greys and blacks of the furniture.  

We used the marble and textured wallpaper to create a bespoke feature wall behind the bed emulating the cliffs that surround the island.  

Deeply textured fabrics were used to add the organic feeling of granites and stones.

Pull of sea to shore

For the second bedroom, we were inspired by the irresistible pull that draws the sea to the shore.  

In Jersey you are never more than ten minutes from the water’s edge so it’s easy to find a quiet space to revitalise and recharge and this room recreates this feeling with its undulating headboard like the waves washing onto the beaches beyond.  

Pale woods were used with fabric in strong earthy tones to create a relaxing contemporary space.  

Playful seaside feeling

A pale more subtle room was created for a teenager with calming blue textured walls and soft pinks in fabric and lacquer.  

These colours repeating the seaside feeling in a younger more playful way.  

This room offers a nod to the location's past history with candy floss colours and walls of bright summer skies from days gone by when the site was an amusement park – a place for fun and sunshine.

Expanses of sky and bountiful birdlife

The final room was a child’s room which was inspired by nature.  

Jersey is a location with an abundance of birdlife in the surrounding wetlands.  

We installed a windswept wallpaper and cloud references this room is a reflection of the wide-open expanses of sky that surround the property and its bountiful birdlife.

Reflecting on nature

The overall scheme pays homage to the island’s natural tones of greys, rusts and blues.  

This palette moves through the residence with a calm and fluid flow, with the occasional bursts of strong, accent colours adding character and warmth to the interior.

London designer dovetails work local artisans

We worked with local artisans to complete this project. 

Carpenters worked on the bespoke joinery and shelving and local craftsmen created the detailed wall panelling behind the beds, working with fabrics, stone and inlayed brass.  

Window treatments were the work of Jersey born team and much of the furniture was made by hand to suit the project and space.  

All the sofas and beds were designed and executed especially for this project and designed in-house with our Honky team.

Credit list

Interior design
Trends international Design Awards (TIDA) – International Interior of the Year – Finalist
House design

Designed by: Honky

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Andrew Beasley 

23 Oct, 2022

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