Eternodesign wins 2023 TIDA New Zealand Interior of the Year

Congratulations to Emma Morris of Eternodesign, winner of the 2023 TIDA New Zealand Interior of the Year – a standout example of collaborative design

Watch a slideshow and interior designer Emma Morris of Eternodesign talking about this award-winning home

Nestled lakeside and flanked by schist rock and mountains, this home naturally draws inspiration for its architecture and interiors from its spectacular surroundings.

The goal was to 'bring the outside in', So the designer and architect worked together from the outset to create a five-bedroom family home that is in synergy with its setting on all of its various levels.

A key requirement for the owners was to be able to cater for immediate and extended family, with partners and grandchildren, including a highly functional, free flowing space between the kitchen and scullery, living and dining, and outdoor entertaining areas.

Located on the second floor, the kitchen's dark and moody tall oven units and wall units keep the more functional areas of the scullery out of sight.

Neolith Grey Basalt on the benchtop and wrapping the island introduces a cool stone look, with the beautiful slatted timber ceiling adding warmth to the overall space.

Brass pendant lights, are carefully  positioned over the dining table so as not to obscure the impressive view.

An exquisitely designed powder room is accessed from one side of the living space, while, on the other side, entry to the media room is through an oversized, slatted black wall that doubles as a door and slides delicately into the scullery wall.

For the TIDA judges, the design of this home was a stand-out example of a highly successful collaboration between architect and interior designer.

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Designed by: Emma Morris, Eternodesign

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Vaughan Brookfield

09 Nov, 2023

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