Energy-efficient gas ducted heating

Building or renovating this year? You can ensure your home is wonderfully warm, even on the coldest days, with a gas ducted heater from Brivis

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It's that time of the year again. Heaters are turned up high, electric blankets are pulled out of the cupboard, and the kids are wearing their favourite pyjamas.

But winter doesn't have to be arduous, thanks to Brivis, a company that has been pioneering heating solutions in Australia for more than 50 years.

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Controller for gas central heating

The new SP6 series from Brivis is a high-efficiency 6 Star gas ducted heater, engineered to use less gas than traditional ducted heaters. Brivis has figures that show it uses 30% less energy annually compared to a standard 3 Star gas ducted heater, which equates to annual savings of approximately $470.

If you add Brivis ZonePlus¢, your 6 Star gas ducted heater can heat up to four zones simultaneously you can even set a different temperature in each zone, or turn off zones you are not using to save energy costs.

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Ceiling ducting diagram for gas central heating

After five decades in the business, Brivis has an established reputation for innovation, reliability and quality the company pioneered the first 5 Star ducted gas heater, and some of these heaters are still in operation. Today the company offers a wide range of systems that put total climate control at your fingertips.

For more information, or to speak to a Brivis climate specialist, contact the national sales and service team, phone 1300 BRIVIS (274 847), or find your local dealer online: www.brivis.com.au

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28 Jun, 2014

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