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Attracted to a profession that's all about creativity, today experienced architect Paul Leuscke is director of his own agile practice – Leuschke Kahn Architects

Paul Leuschke, director and owner Leuschke Kahn Architects
Paul Leuschke, director and owner Leuschke Kahn Architects

Prominent architect Paul Leuschke was initially attracted to the profession's creativity and its wide application which spans from product design, interiors, residential and commercial buildings, project management to property developing and more.

While the architect has worked at larger companies, he now enjoys the creative control that comes with a smaller, more agile practice.

"I studied Architecture at Wellington University and completed my degree at Auckland University," he says. 

After Paul Leuschke graduated, he worked at a larger architectural company, then became registered and held a directorship in a medium sized architecture firm. 

Currently he is the director of his own company Leuschke Kahn Architects. 

"Essentially, I have been an architect for 40 years and am still loving it!" says Paul Leuschke

"I now have a smaller practice which gives me the freedom to be more creative. We have designed apartment buildings, terrace housing, homes, holiday houses and commercial interiors – we work for both developers and private clients."

Over the years, the company has attracted several awards, including NZIA awards and Trends's own TIDA Awards, along with Master Builder's awards and a Resene Master Colour Award.

The living spaces are airy and light filled
The living spaces are airy and light filled in this new build by Leuschke Kane Architects. While an historic home might have had the high ceilings, it would have lacked the large wall openings and open layout that let occupants make the most of the natural light.

Asked to describe his design style in broad terms, Leuschke says he appreciates all design styles when they are executed well. 

"I don't have a repetitive design style – rather than forcing a project into a predetermined image I let the site, the client and brief develop the design.

"My inspiration for a design is the client – we don't all live the same – and the site itself – they are all different."

And the architect/company director's favourite part of a project?

"Attending the housewarming party – knowing the project has been a success."

He also says that the trickiest part of most projects is communication with the client, as owners are often presented with options they weren't expecting.

In terms of green thinking, Leuschke says sustainability is not a new concept.

"I was introduced to it at Architectural school. We have always designed to the sun for warmth and light, wherever possible we specify sustainable products and materials."

To find out more and talk to Paul Leuschke, contact Leuschke Kahn Architects

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07 Aug, 2022

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