Drawing attention in New Zealand homes for 20 years

Santa Fe Shutters and Blinds' descriptor 'the shutter and blinds experts' is more than mere marketing, but rather a reflection of a 20-year journey with New Zealand homeowners

Strong name, long history

Santa Fe Shutters and Blinds owners Gail and Paul Chrisite reflect on their journey with a window and door treatment company that has become a household name in New Zealand.

“We’ve had some interesting times over those 20 years,” Gail Christie says.

“There has been plenty of challenges” Paul Christie agrees, “but with everything we came across in those earlier years – we asked ourselves; what else can we learn? What can we do even better?

“And, essentially, that focus hasn’t changed.”

The duo took the reins of Santa Fe Shutters and Blinds in 2002, inheriting a team of three employees. 

Sante Fe today

Today, Santa Fe group employs more than 100 staff, across New Zealand and internationally. 

They are one of the foremost shutter providers nationwide with a wide network of trade agents and retail sales.

The secret to Santa Fe's ongoing growth lies in a simple dedication to a complex craft. 

Within the industry, and mirrored by their Google Reviews, the company name speaks of their quality of craftsmanship, and an innovative approach to product development and logistics.

Innovations and advancements

“New Zealand is often behind other markets such as Europe, Asia and the Americas, when it comes to the advancements of their window treatments,” says Gail Christie.

“The products and the technology are there and it’s up to our industry to provide these improvements to New Zealanders – for example, the continuing advances in child safety.”

Santa Fe have recently added Cordless Venetians to their child safe blind offerings. 

This is a venetian blind that operates without the traditional cord – delivering zero cord strangulation risk for children and pets. 

While there are no New Zealand regulations for blind safety, all Santa Fe’s Norman products meet international child-safe, safety standards.   

Alongside others, Santa Fe enjoys bringing new innovations to market. 

Lifestyle enhancements like the ability to adjust your home’s shutter louvres using a single remote with smart energy, solar powered motorisation, is one example. 

Another is the ability to control, and even preschedule, motorised roller blinds via an app on your cellphone.

In the details – tweaks that make a difference

Then there’s Santa Fe’s small improvements, ongoing tweaks and enhancements that just make life better for New Zealanders year-round. 

These include the simple effect of greater room darkening when closing your shutters and venetians – or a tighter, more perfect window fit. 

Both factors offering surprising savings in winter heating and summer cooling. 

Ultimately, looks really count

However, it’s the look that really drives the demand for shutters, say the owners.

“Ultimately, customers come to us because they want a different design aesthetic for their interiors and outdoor spaces," says Paul Christie. 

"While shutters and blinds offer practical benefits – style is often a key driver.

“Shutters are very distinctive – it’s that timeless, coastal, resort-like ambiance that shutters are loved for – time and time again we get feedback from customers who are thrilled at the transformation of their homes.” 

For professional, friendly advice on your next renovation or new build call 'the shutter and blinds experts' Sante Fe on 0508 274 888 or visit the website here 

Designed by: Sante Fe

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Jul, 2022

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