Does size matter?

Turning a pokey, cramped bach into an open-plan haven of rest and relaxation was simply a matter of design

A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox. ceiling, home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, suite, orange
A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox.

Good design has been known to overcome a multitude of problems, not least of which is limited size. Like so many of life's problems, the solution lies in the process.

With a renovation, the design process starts with the basics what stays, what goes, and what should move, says Yellowfox manager Shelley Brockliss.

"We often advise our clients to seek advice from an architect first, as you can make the most of a renovation by considering relocating areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, rather than just updating them in the existing locations."

The bach featured on these pages is now more attuned to a modern lifestyle, thanks to the removal of nearly every interior wall, and the relocation of the bathroom and kitchen areas.

A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox. dining room, home, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, table, brown
A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox.

Originally a separate room, the kitchen is now part of the open-plan living space. The kitchen cabinetry runs the length of the bach, morphing into a storage unit to house the television.

"This multi-functional approach to the cabinetry maximises the functionality of the kitchen. Also, we designed a pull-out trolley which not only doubles the bench space when needed, but can be used as a drinks trolley for entertaining, or even as an extra dining table," says designer Andrea White.

The bathroom previously at the front of the home has now been relocated to the back, and is accessed from either the bedroom or living area.

Designer Claire Bruford says the new layout combines the best of two distinct international design practices.

A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox. door, floor, flooring, interior design, room, wood flooring, gray, brown
A view of a bach renovated by YellowFox.

"The wall between the bedroom and living area was replaced with a contemporary update of a Japanese shoji screen. While, a light, Scandinavian-inspired interior design focuses on natural colours and materials."

For further details, contact Yellowfox, mobile 0274 321 373. Email: design@yellowfox.co.nz.

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19 Jan, 2007

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