Dining area ideas for small spaces

Want to know how to create a great dining area in a tight space? We’ve got a few tips to help

This dining area features a Leolux table, surrounded ceiling, furniture, interior design, product, property, room, table, gray, white
This dining area features a Leolux table, surrounded by Kartell chairs like the petals of a flower.

As cities start to go up rather than out and apartments and townhouses become the reality for many of us, we’re going to have to start working with small dining areas. So, what are some of the best ways to make the most of your limited space?

This dining area is ideal for a young floor, house, interior design, kitchen, product design, table, white, gray
This dining area is ideal for a young family. By architect Dan Webster.

Channel your inner American with a classic diner-style booth

Seen in countless diners across the USA – not to mention films and TV shows – the quintessential dining booth is popular for a reason. They easily seat four or more comfortably and are quite space-efficient.

One of the best things about a booth is that you’re able to completely tailor it to your kitchen. You can also choose a tabletop and seat material to suit your space.

Combine a round table and banquette seat

Similar to a booth, this option combines a bench-style seat (banquette) and a round table. You get more flexibility, being able to move the table if required. You can also pop these in the corner of a room to really make the most of a tiny dining area.

Kitchen design by Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens by countertop, interior design, kitchen, loft, real estate, gray
Kitchen design by Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens by Design

Make the most of your surfaces

If you’ve got an island or bar area off the kitchen, you may want to consider using it as your primary dining area. This obviously comes down to personal preference – how often you dine and entertain, for example.

It might pay to think of what you could do with all the space you save...

Go with a small picnic table

These can be harder to find (especially a nice one) but a small indoor picnic table is a good option for a tight space as the seats are usually attached to the table and don’t feature annoying legs. When the weather gets warmer, simply drag the table outside.

Install a folding table

An excellent choice if you truly are low on space, a folding table is there when you need it … and invisible when you don’t. Simply attach it to a wall of the kitchen or lounge and flip it up when it’s time to breakfast.

What you do with the chairs is another matter entirely. Folding chairs, perhaps?

Kitchen design by Damian Hannah, German Kitchens cabinetry, countertop, furniture, interior design, kitchen, shelf, shelving, gray
Kitchen design by Damian Hannah, German Kitchens

Install a mirror

Moving on from seating options, installing a mirror is one of the best ways to make any small space feel larger. There’s a reason you’re more likely to see mirrors in small apartments. Try and pick a mirror that’s not too distracting, ideally with a simple frame.

Focus on lights

As a counter to the previous point, installing a strong focal point above the dining table could distract from the size of the room. Don’t go overboard, but consider installing an interesting pendant light.

Home renovations can be stressful, so head to some of our other articles if you’re still feeling a little lost. If you’re ready to get underway with your new kitchen, read the ‘Getting started’ guide. You can also get the answers to your specific renovation or new home questions in the Q&A section.

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01 Sep, 2017

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