How to create an interior to reflect the owner's character when their passion is, among other things, coloured diamonds – it took four years, but here's how

Interior design by Clé de Maison

From the interior designer:

This project won an award of Best Interior Design Scheme in Europe 2022 at the International Design and Architecture awards (Design Et Al) held in London.

Built from scratch, the whole process of this home took almost four years to complete.

The owner allowed Clé de Maison to work with exceptional artisans worldwide to create special fabrics and furnishings for a truly bespoke residence.

That’s why every chandelier, furniture piece is custom made by top luxury brands in Portugal and Italy.

This interior is the best example that the home is a reflection of the personality.

In this case, the homeowner is a bold personality whose passion is coloured diamonds and this idea was the biggest inspiration for the whole interior with its many bold colours and accents.

Entering the 3-storey house, a classic Carrara marble staircase welcomes you.

The first floor is dedicated to the spacious living-dining area and kitchen, while on the second floor there’s the master bedroom with private bathroom and childrens rooms with separated bathrooms.

In addition, there’s a basement – given over to an entertainment area for whiskey tasting, poker nights and movie sessions.

Clé de Maison delivered an interior layered with intriguing textures & materials, bold colours, sophisticated finishes and details which offered the owner something personal and curated.

To achieve this, the use of natural materials is featured throughout the design with solid oak parquet with brass inlays, natural Carrara marble floors and stairs, mouldings, glossy Ebony Macassar, mirrors, brushed and polished brass detailing in specific areas and the use of elegant feature lighting.

One of the most challenging part of this interior was the delivery of the natural Carrara marble flooring.

Together with the owner we went to Furrer manufacturer in Italy, Carrara region, chose the right marble slab and then they cut all the patterns we designed.

The owners wanted many personalised details, so even the flooring at the fireplace is designed with the initials of first letters of their names, moreover the featured IV is their lucky number.

Bespoke furniture pieces were designed for all the spaces, finished in bold colours, luxurious velvets, and solid wood veneer, complemented with high gloss tables.

The rooms were then finished with an extensive use of rugs, mirrors + accessories.

The use of exquisite  chandeliers in various rooms is prominent, along with the use of accent wall lamps.

This interior is all in the details – which offer refinement, personality, balance, character and luxury.

Crafting a design that was a perfect balance between eclectic, modern classic and timeless would allow the existing architecture to breathe. 

Clé de Maison delivered a scheme which demonstrated that opulence can be successfully harnessed from precise detailing and tactility.

Playing on different tones, hues and intensities of the same burgundy, black, gold accent colours, these are then offset against the beige tones. 

The use of colours and textures to interpret the style of the home was one of the designer’s favourite elements, due to the excitement of seeing the same colours used and looking so different in every room, it’s almost unidentifiable.

Clé de Maison is driven to create interiors that appeal to the people who live in them and to those who enjoy them, with every choice being made for the owner. 

The real challenge of any project is making a beautiful space that is also right for the homeowner, and the successful capture of this owner's personal style and personality is why Clé de Maison loves the design so much.

Walk through the luxuriously finished interior.

Credit list

Interior design
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) International Interior of the Year – Finalist

Designed by: Clé de Maison

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Kernius Pauliukonis

19 Nov, 2023

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