Developer of Alta apartments chooses Smeg

Smeg appliances feature in Alta apartments
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exterior of Alta apartments, sydney

Developers are always looking to give their apartments an edge, and a well-equipped kitchen is often right at the top of the list of requirements.

To fit out the apartment kitchens in the new 17-storey mixed-use Alta development in Surry Hills, Anka Property Group director Vera Boyarsky turned to Smeg.

"I have worked closely with Ian Poole from Smeg previously, and appreciated the chance to work with him again," Boyarsky says. "I was also very happy with the product range offered by Smeg, which meant we could specify different appliances for the different-sized apartments. For example, we could order a less complex oven for the small apartments and a more sophisticated oven for the three-bedroom luxury apartments."

smeg oven integrated into white marble benchtop countertop, furniture, home appliance, kitchen, kitchen appliance, kitchen stove, major appliance, product design, table, white, gray
smeg oven integrated into white marble benchtop

Boyarsky also says she liked the sleek, European lines of the Linear oven range, as this look worked with the contemporary apartment design. Good functionality was another prerequisite.

"Whenever I specify kitchen appliances, I like to try them out first. Smeg has a fully working kitchen with a chef, who was able to demonstrate the appliances and answer all my questions."

The Alta apartment shown here features the Smeg SC106B-8 Linear oven in white a colour only available to commercial clients. The oven is teamed with the PIP263W induction cooktop in white. The most highly advanced cooking technology, induction cooking is fast and energy-efficient.

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this is another smeg oven

Steam and odours are removed by a Smeg SAH460SS front-recirculating retractable ventilation unit. This is integrated into the cabinetry so it is essentially out of sight when not in use.

Smeg also supplied a DWAFI149 fully integrated dishwasher. This features an orbital wash system with two spray arms that operate simultaneously in opposite directions to ensure water is evenly distributed throughout the inner cavity for a perfect wash.

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Jun 30, 2012
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