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Now you see it, now you don't. This renovated kitchen features a pop-up appliance garage and a height-adjustable table-bartop
Interior view of this modern remodeled home apartment, interior design, real estate, water, teal
Interior view of this modern remodeled home

In a high-rise apartment, the kitchen is often in full view of a large, open-plan living area. This means designers look for ways to conceal more functional elements, so the kitchen becomes a part of the decor, rather than a service area.

In this renovation project, Architecture International and the design team from Studio Becker's San Francisco showroom came up with a number of novel solutions.

The cabinetry, which is a combination of high-gloss walnut burl and stainless steel, is packed full of special features. These include a table for casual eating that hydraulically lifts from table to bar height, making it ideal for use when entertaining.

Interior view of this modern remodeled home countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, room, brown
Interior view of this modern remodeled home

The kitchen also incorporates Studio Becker's Concealed Elevation System. Designed to maximise bench space, and to ensure the kitchen aesthetics are not compromised by appliance storage, this customised system provides a concealed appliance garage on the benchtop.

The espresso coffee machine, toaster and blender items that are used every morning are conveniently stored beneath the bench. At the touch of a button on a remote control, the items automatically rise up to bench level, already plugged in and ready for use. When required, they disappear back into the benchtop, leaving a virtually undetectable seam. The bench can then be used straight away for food preparation and serving.

Laurie Allan of Studio Becker says people are familiar with similar systems concealing a television. But the concept can be applied to other applications, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Interior view of this modern remodeled home apartment, architecture, home, house, interior design, lighting, property, real estate, reflection, sea, sky, water, window, wood, teal, brown
Interior view of this modern remodeled home

This kitchen also features the electric Smart Drawer from Studio Becker, which opens at the touch of a finger.

To provide a high-end furniture look in keeping with the apartment interior, large appliances are integrated into the bookmatched walnut burl cabinetry, which can be seen from the living area. The HVAC system and structural columns are also hidden behind walnut burl doors. However, looking the other wayfrom the kitchen the cabinetry is all functional stainless steel.

Oct 30, 2010
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