Creating a luxury spa retreat at home

For most of us, a day – or even an hour – at the spa is something we can only dream of. The truth is, finding the time and space in a busy day to really relax and treat yourself is a lot simpler than you may have imagined.

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A few simple changes at home and you can create a spa-like experience in your own bathroom.

Here are our simple tips to creating a luxury retreat at home:

Carve out some time

Make sure all your distractions are gone – that means finding some time, getting the kids and partner out of the house (this might be the trickiest part), switching off your phone, and even disconnecting the doorbell if you have one.

Set the scene

A calm, relaxing environment is essential. Get the bathroom sparkling clean before you start, so you have the headspace to truly relax. Then light a scented candle or an aromatherapy oil burner, grab your most comfortable PJs and a fantastic book. Finally, put on some gentle background music.

The right equipment

Treat yourself to a fluffy new towel, a clean, soft bathrobe, and some gorgeous bath products (make sure to hide them from the rest of the family!) Invest in a stylish bath tray to keep your book, drinks, or iPad out of the water – check out this one to see what we mean:

Pour a drink

Pour yourself a glass of wine (you won’t get that at the spa!) or a refreshing cucumber water if you want the authentic spa experience.

Give in to the ritual

The spa experience is as much to do with the ritual as it is about the products and environment. Take your time to go through every step mindfully for maximum relaxation – try not to think about that load of washing or those last minute Christmas presents.

Create a spa pack

If that sounds like a lot of effort, the good news is you only have to do it once. After your first at-home spa, pack everything away in its own dedicated box. Taking your spa equipment and products out of everyday circulation will keep them feeling special It will also make your next home spa far easier – just unpack and relax.

Get relaxing

With the right mind set, equipment and a few simple steps, you’ll be soaking in it in no time. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes to your outlook – when you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, everything seems easier.

If you’re after even more of that spa-at-home feeling, tweaking your bathroom might be the answer – after all, it’s much easier to relax in a beautiful space! You don’t have to be planning a renovation to make some inexpensive tweaks. New tapware can update the look instantly, a better hot water system can improve your water pressure and temperature, and a new luxury shower head – like this beauty from Methven ( – can make your bathroom instantly spa-like.

For more inspiration on how you can create a spa experience at home, check our Plumbing World Home catalogue:


Jun 28, 2018





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