Craftmanship meets seclusion – The Gate House

This crafted, contemporary home with traditional elements exudes tranquility and privacy – a Dimond Roof crowns the design

In the secluded tranquillity of Christchurch’s landscape, The Gate House by O'Neil Architecture stands as a testament to traditional rural forms, sustainable practices, and simplicity. 

Blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings, this modern rural dwelling harmoniously marries tradition and innovation while at its core lies Dimond Roofing's Heritage Tray in Flaxpod, a symbol of roofing excellence. 

The home embraces the quietness of country living through clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on functionality.

Inspired by traditional barns, The Gate House features a minimalist aesthetic and is designed to be entirely off-the-grid. 

Four cedar-clad gabled forms, mirroring the shapes and symmetry of the traditional country barn, establish the main house and a modern utility shed. 

These structures seamlessly integrate with the landscape, reflecting the surrounding rural beauty and providing a connection with nature while maintaining utmost privacy.

Dimond Roofing's Heritage Tray in Flaxpod crowns The Gate House, reflecting fine craftsmanship. 

RoofingSmiths Christchurch installed the roof, working collaboratively with Brendan Falloon Builders to ensure its precise alignment with the project's strong, minimalist philosophy. 

The roof not only protects but also complements the serene setting, adding to the project's sense of calm.

The Gate House is also a testament to sustainability, embracing an off-the-grid lifestyle with solar panels, water conservation, and energy-efficient solutions. 

The interiors, designed by Lume Design, reflect the hues found in the home's exposed aggregate concrete flooring, creating an elegant atmosphere. 

Privacy is paramount, achieved through hidden spaces, sliding cedar screens, and minimalist aesthetics – ensuring the home offers serenity in keeping with the rural setting.

The Gate House stands as more than a dwelling; it embodies tranquillity amidst nature and a commitment to sustainable, minimalist living. 

Dimond Roofing's Heritage Tray in Flaxpod becomes a focal point, reflecting and representing the project's ethos. 

The Gate House by O'Neil Architecture is a celebration of simplicity and complexity, a blend of tradition and innovation, carefully curated within Christchurch's peaceful countryside. 

Dimond Roofing's Heritage Tray in Flaxpod, coupled with the project's sustainable practices and minimalist philosophy, plays an integral part in creating a harmonious living space. 

As a result, The Gate House stands not just as a dwelling but as a timeless family home, embodying the essence of quiet elegance in the heart of nature.

Credit list

O'Neil Architecture
Heritage Tray in Flaxpod by Dimond Roofing
Brendan Falloon Builders
Roofing installer
RoofingSmiths Christchurch

Designed by: O'Neil Architecture

Story by: Trendsideas

12 Nov, 2023

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