Contemporary, low-maintenance timber home by Lockwood

Lockwood Stewart family home in low-maintenance aluminium with solid blonded wood interior

The Stewart is a new Lockwood show home architecture, cottage, elevation, estate, facade, home, house, landscape, property, real estate, residential area, sky, villa, blue
The Stewart is a new Lockwood show home in Taupo, which offers a slightly extended version of the Nelson plan. Key features of this home include solid blinded timber interior, cedar and aluminium classing and schist stone.

Being able to adapt a house plan to suit your own needs makes good sense. And that was exactly what Linda Stewart and her late husband Graham did when they bought their fourth Lockwood home.

One of the major changes the couple made to the standard Nelson plan was to increase the size of the master bedroom by 10m², which made it much more of a private retreat. They also increased the size of the walk-in wardrobe, added a window seat and enlarged the decks around the house.

Clad in low-maintenance cedar and aluminium cladding, the facade, home, house, property, real estate, siding, window, white
Clad in low-maintenance cedar and aluminium cladding, the Lockwood Stewart show home will keep its good looks for decades to come.

Although sadly, Graham Stewart did not get to live in the new house, Linda says it has proved an ideal home. After living in three earlier Lockwood homes, she was already won over by the warmth of the timber interior and the ease of maintenance the occasional staining of the decks is all that is ever required.

Peter Richards, of Peter Richards Builders, the Lockwood franchisee in Taupo, recently opened a new show home in the Stewarts' honour. The Stewart is designed on similar lines it also has an extra-large master suite. Other key features include a schist stone fireplace, soaring gabled ceilings and a solid blonded wood interior.

This master bedroom in the Lockwood Stewart show bed frame, bedroom, ceiling, floor, home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, wall, window, gray
This master bedroom in the Lockwood Stewart show home has solid blonded timber walls and a raked wood ceiling. The interior is done in a black and white theme, with chandelier style lighting

For details on this project, contact Peter Richard Builders, 99 Woodward St, Nukuhau, Taupo, phone 0800 378 945 or for details of your nearest show home, contact Lockwood, phone 0508 Lockwood (562 596). Website: www.lockwood.co.nz

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28 Jun, 2014

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