Complete cover-up

With little more than a coat of paint, the exterior of this 1960s house has successfully joined the 21st century

Exterior view after decorating architecture, backyard, cottage, courtyard, estate, facade, farmhouse, garden, grass, home, house, landscape, lawn, outdoor structure, property, real estate, residential area, shed, siding, tree, yard, green
Exterior view after decorating

When casting about for ideas to transform the appearance of a home, the value of a coat of paint should not be underestimated. Such a solution has the added advantages of being relatively quick to apply, and far less costly than more complex structural alterations.

Decorator Randy Florke bought this 1960s property and realized that three fairly simple alterations could result in huge improvements to the home's exterior appearance.

Albany Exterior after decorating architecture, cottage, home, house, property, real estate, siding, green
Albany Exterior after decorating

The original stained cedar and natural brick cladding was painted in a monochromatic gray, relieved only by a minimal amount of white trim on columns, screen doors and window frames, creating a fresh, modern look.

Secondly, Florke replaced the solid, white-painted front door with a glass door on the same scale as the surrounding windows. This allowed more light into the house and updated the mid-century style to a contemporary look.

Exterior view of this home before decorating architecture, building, facade, home, house, snow, tree, window, winter, white, gray
Exterior view of this home before decorating

The home was also dated by a small, semi-private courtyard by the entry. Because it was shady, the grass did not flourish, and it looked untidy. The remedy was to fill the garden with pebbles, plant a hedge behind the cut-outs, and paint the bricks gray to match the house.

Story by: Trendsideas

11 May, 2010