Luxury expedition yacht designed exclusively for Galapagos Island cruising blurs the boundaries between ship and nature

Designed by 3deluxe Ocean

From the designers:

Boundaries between ship and nature become blurred on the Celebrity Flora the. On no other cruise ship are guests so close to the diverse flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands – thanks to the innovative design by 3deluxe. 

The Celebrity Flora is the first expedition yacht designed exclusively for the Galapagos Islands and is the most energy-efficient ship of its class in the region.

The 100-metre-long open ocean cruise ship is a fusion of expedition vessel and luxury liner, and was specially designed for exclusive expeditions to the Galapagos Islands. The central design task for 3deluxe was to skillfully combine leisurely cruise ship and yacht aesthetics with the rather robust appearance of a research vessel.

Head of the 3deluxe Ocean department Björn Asmussen says that when it comes to ship design projects, the firm benefits greatly from many years' experience in designing unique exhibition and experience spaces.

"We have always focused on a multi-layered and comprehensive emotional exchange between the guests of the space and the overall theme," he says. 

We want them to experience the breathtaking natural environment as directly as possible, which is why 3deluxe has focused the design on orienting the guests to the world outside."

The suites are equipped with large, floor-to-ceiling windows, and all terraces have glass balustrades.

Sky, ocean, fauna and flora are in close proximity everywhere the guest goes. The destination and its surroundings have inspired and deeply influenced the overall design.

The design skilfully incorporates the expertise of both architects and interior designers.

"3deluxe Ocean's cross-disciplinary team develops both interior design projects and comprehensive exterior design for a new generation of cruise ships for major international tourism companies."

Central to the Celebrity Flora concept was the protection of the fragile ecosystem of the archipelago. According to nature conservation regulations, the Celebrity Flora is not allowed to moor on the island beaches - therefore the open stern with its own marina was the focus of the exterior design.

It provides a direct connection to the outside world where guests can venture out on expeditions to the islands with Zodiacs twice a day.

"The stern of the Celebrity Flora has the most dramatic architectural element of the ship design - the amphitheater formed by the stern's asymmetrical terrace." says Asmussen.

"The terraces cascade down to the water's surface and form the unmistakable rear view of the ship."

Architects and designers at 3deluxe are renowned for their innovative work and now the team has set new standards in cruise ship projects of the future. "Their groundbreaking ideas from a wide variety of disciplines naturally flow into the design of new cruise ships.

"Life on the sea - for designers¨ architects and visionaries is an exciting and sustainable thought-provoking experiment."


The design studio 3deluxe is headquartered in Wiesbaden, uniting around 40 creative professionals from the fields of architecture and interior design, as well as brand design, under one roof.

The multifaceted projects of the design group have received worldwide recognition. The portfolio also includes the design of large cruise ships.

3deluxe has worked on projects in Germany, Lithuania, the USA and Dubai.

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12 Jan, 2020

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