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Get rid of unwanted and leftover food waste with an In-Sink-Erator from Parex

An Example of a waste disposal system by dish, food, vegetable, brown
An Example of a waste disposal system by Parex.

While many people enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing extravagant meals, most do not enjoy the chore of cleaning up. Installing a food waste disposer allows you to easily clean up food scraps while you cook, so there's less mess when it's time to do the dishes.

In-Sink-Erator food waste disposers from Parex are designed to cope with most kinds of food waste, including small bones, meat, fish, peelings, eggshells and nuts. Waste is fed into the disposer with water, ground into fine particles, and then flushed away.

Using an In-Sink-Erator means waste isdisposed of almost as soon as it is created. This is more hygienic than leaving food in the bin, which encourages smells, bacteria and insects.

An Example of a waste disposal system by gray, black
An Example of a waste disposal system by Parex.

Over 25% of household waste is food, so flushing it down the kitchen sink also means fewer trips to the outside rubbish bin.

Food waste disposers are environmentally friendly, as they reduce the amount of household waste that ends up in landfill sites. Waste can also be put to good use by being recycled into soil conditioner at the water treatment plant.

Today's open plan kitchen/dining areas demand quiet appliances, so all In-Sink-Erator units are designed to operate quietly. There is a full range of units, which are designed to fit under the sink using the minimum of valuable storage space.

An Example of a waste disposal system by gray, black
An Example of a waste disposal system by Parex.

Models 65 and 75 feature an auto-reverse grinding system. Every time you turn the In-Sink-Eratoron, the motor will operate in the opposite direction to the last time it was used. This system will extend your waste disposer's life, because all of the internal parts will wear evenly.

For more information, contact Parex, 103 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, freephone 0800 200 510, freefax 0800 200 520. Email: info@parex.co.nz, website: www.parex.co.nz.

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27 Feb, 2006

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