Celestial sanctuary

If you don't feel like a star in this ensuite then there's something wrong – a pedestal tub, starburst chandelier and marble surfaces each play their part

Designed by Shea Pumarejo, Younique Designs

From the designer:

Our homeowners enjoy traveling and staying in luxury hotels and desired to have that same experience while at home. 

Among the items on their wish list were a shower big enough for two, a free-standing tub and separate vanities. 

In order to make all of these dreams come true, we needed to borrow some space from a storage closet in the garage to grow the footprint of the bathroom.

A large shower was designed that features two shower heads, one stationary and the other a handheld on a slide bar which can serve multiple functions.

Instead of a shampoo niche, a ledge was created behind the shower bench as a place to store shampoo bottles, soap etc.

The free-standing, pewter pedestal tub was located across from the entrance to serve as the focal point of the space. 

A custom cabinetry entablature frames the space, focusing the attention on the tub, while also giving a place for recessed shelves to display bath salts, candles and other items.

The decorative tile detail behind the tub becomes the artwork of the space and is set off by the starburst chandelier which was converted to low voltage to meet local building code for use over the tub.

Lilac marble tile was repeated from the large format floor tile to the countertops and shower casing, to the herringbone mosaic tile used above the wainscot in the shower and as a backsplash for the 'his' vanity. 

Black Nero marble was also repeated in the wainscot, shower bench, shower mouldings and the decorative tile behind the tub.

Floating sink vanities are surrounded by custom cabinetry entablatures as well, which not only focus attention on the vanities and mirrors but also house hidden storage. 

Mirrors in a starburst shape repeat the design of the chandelier over the tub and create dramatic focal points.

Our homeowners love natural light and wanted the space to be bright, with the option to see outside. 

This created a challenge when paired with privacy considerations. 

The solution was to install a Smart Glass window behind the 'her' vanity which is frosted, allowing natural light but also providing privacy and with the flip of a switch the glass turns from frosted to clear allowing the view of outside. 

Since the starburst mirror could not be hung from the glass window, a custom brass rod was designed to suspend it from the entablature above.

Credit list

Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) International Bathroom of the Year – Finalist

Designed by: Younique Designs

Story by: Trendsideas

09 Jul, 2023

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