Casablanca Collection

This contemporary collection has designs inspired by traditional influences, relaxed and rustic yet simultaneously sophisticated. Casablanca combines pattern and colour in a harmonious way to create a unique aesthetic that will bring a vibrant personality to any interior. Offering a raw natural texture, Casablanca is a dual purpose cotton blend that is highly durable. Combining a plain weave construction with digital printing,Casablanca is perfect for a multitude of uses, from high traffic area sofas and statement drapes and blinds, to stylish scatter cushions, washable bedspreads and accented armchairs. This collection comprises of three designs, Casablanca – a traditional Zellige geometric which balances perfectly with the sophisticated and symmetric Tile designs of Morocco along with the contrasting multi-coloured stripe Marrakesh. In true Moroccan style, Casablanca features a dynamic colour palette, core hues such as charcoal, denim and stone showcase a look that is contemporary, urban and sophisticated. While lagoon, spice and paprika reflect more playful tones, adding a fresh warm feel to existing design schemes.


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