Carnoustie – room for two

Given the substantial cost of building new, it's no surprise people are starting to embrace dual occupancy homes. Here's a great example

This studio is adept at crafting dual occupancy architecture, building, elevation, estate, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, window, teal
This studio is adept at crafting dual occupancy homes

Designer: The Little Brick StudioAbout the project: This is certainly one designer with a flair for dual occupancy homes, as evidenced by the Gleneagles and ILUKA projects featured on Trends.With Carnoustie, The Little Brick Studio applies many of the principles seen in the above home, including the careful, considered use of space. You'll notice when looking through the gallery that there's never a feeling of claustrophobia – each room is open and well-lit.True to their name, the studio uses bricks outside the home, along with wood and plaster.A stand-out element is certainly the entrance hall, which features an eye-catching chandelier, glass balustrades and large windows.The kitchen/dining room is one large shared space, opening out to a sheltered outdoor area. A separate scullery and pantry keeps the kitchen proper clean – useful for entertaining.The spacious bathroom uses a circular mirror found in the studio's other projects, as well as floating vanities to make the space feel larger. Patterned walls give the bathroom a unique look.

Story by: David Renwick

23 Nov, 2017

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