Business profiles and the new Trends website

We've made changes to the way our website works. If you're a Business Profile operator, here's everything you need to know

As you're one of our valued Business Profile operators, we'd like to give you the latest update on changes taking place on 

These renovations will affect the way you interact with your Business Profile on our site – but don’t worry, here is all you need to know.

It’s just two easy steps

  1. Each registered user will need to re-verify their account. This only takes 20 seconds and makes sure your personal data is stored in our new secure facility. This follows worldwide changes in data protection, which you can read about in our Terms and conditions here
  2. Once your personal account is set up, simply click here to email our support team who will reinstate your access to your business profile.  You'll just need to tell us your user name or email address for us to make the connection.

Then you're all set!

It will take us a few weeks to complete the global roll out of the amazing new features for your Business Profile and for users of the site. So in the meantime, here are a few ways we can help you, as we continue to create our brand new home. 

A. Content management

Once we link your personal user account as an Editor to your Profile, you'll see a Content management button. Use this to request any changes you'd like or if you'd like to upload any new content, and our support team will personally help you with this. 

In a few weeks time, our new ‘back end’ will give you full control of your content, plus we'll have Artificial Intelligence features to help maximise the effectiveness of your content on our site and across the internet.

B. Caption Updates

If you have image Collections, you'll still be able to update the caption for each of image. Simply click the Edit button and type in your description

If you have any problems with any of your pages, simply click the Help button. The site will automatically identify the page you are working on, so you just need to let us know what you'd like changed or fixed. 

Got any questions about any of the above or about the Trendsideas changes and upgrade? Feel free to email us


Jun 15, 2018





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