Bush facing bathroom includes bold green walls, ceiling and shutters

An owner with a love of colour and a space with verdant outlooks were starting points for the lively Resene tone in this natural-feel bathroom

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​​​​​​​For this guest bathroom, designer Natalie Du Bois made the bold, effective choice to paint the walls, ceiling, doors and shutters all in Resene Clover. While this introduces a lot of colour into the space, the surfaces can easily be repainted, leaving open the possibility for later change. The Resene Clover-painted shutters helped tie the bathroom to the home’s bushy verdant outlooks.

Bathrooms are best when all prim and white. Or are they? The most private room in the home should be an expression of the owner’s personal taste, not just a tribute to conservative thinking.

This bathroom by award-winning designer Natalie Du Bois is an excellent case in point.

“The homeowner had a clear love of colour,” says Du Bois. “And to match this, her wardrobe was equally colourful. So it baffled me when she asked for a black and white bathroom.”

However, the owner soon came around to Du Bois’ suggestion of introducing bold colour into the design, a choice that was far more in tune with her fashion choices and personality.

“I suggested Resene Clover to bring natural warmth to the space and echo the greenery outside. Plus, I wanted the bathroom to have a bold, dramatic look, so I chose to keep all the painted areas, the shutters included, in the same colour.

“The two opposite walls and the ceiling became one form, with no boundaries.”

For details, visit a Resene ColorShop, phone 0800 737 363, or head online: www.resene.co.nz

Story by: Trendsideas

01 Dec, 2019

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