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This forward-looking office building offers client-adaptable workspaces, environmental sustainability, and expansive floorplates

view of this winter garden spaces, with polished apartment, architecture, ceiling, daylighting, glass, interior design, lobby, white, gray
view of this winter garden spaces, with polished timber stiars leading to the next level

Construction of the 12-level tower building involved extensive piling works, foundationsand basement retention structures. This was carried out by Leighton Contractors.

The building structure is a reinforced concrete frame with post-tensioned slabs and involved the use of a jump form system to construct the main core, says Leighton Contractors' business developmentmanager Graeme Barnes.

"The extensive facade system comprises a combination of glazed curtain wall and glazed precast spandrel panels," says Barnes.

External finishes on 700 Collins Street were chosen for their long life and low maintenance. The tower facades are largely clad in glass with differing thermal performance to suit their orientation. Precast concrete end walls above level five are finished with a polished reconstructed stone. Applied render finishes are pigmented black with an integral colour or crushed stone.

view of the foyer with giant sea mural space, technology, blue
view of the foyer with giant sea mural

A vibrant colour palette was chosen for the external finishes. White, silver and green form the basis of the palette for the tower while the podium has a darker colouration in a variety of grey tones.

"Views, solar efficiency and issues of scale all played important roles in the building," says Barnes."The H shaped floor plate is oriented to the north and south elevations. Within the large glass facades, horizontal window proportions maximise the views and work well visually with the low horizontal proportions of the building."

Glazing to the north and south have the same dimensions and proportions. However, narrow sun shades at transom levels provide shading to the windows against the northern solar path.

Facades to the east and west have reduced window areas, and the precast facade above level five appears solid with a series of cut out window strips. This minimises solar heat gain and reduces the impact of the big box scale of the building.

view of the multifloor winter gardens with stairs architecture, ceiling, daylighting, interior design, product design, stairs, gray, white
view of the multifloor winter gardens with stairs providing connectivity

The taut glass curtain walls of the Wintergarden Zones form a distinctive element of the design. Glazing treatments reduce early morning and afternoon glare while allowing maximum visibility of the interior from outside during the day.

The company also outfitted two of the tenancies.

"Retrofitting their Wintergardens with extended floors was a project within a project," says Barnes.

For more information, contact Leighton Contractors, 5 Queens Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004, phone (03) 9228 7700, fax (03) 9228 3000. Email: graeme.barnes@leicon.com.au.

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14 Jun, 2005

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