Building new? Consider the roof

Yes, new kitchens and bathrooms are quite exciting – but don't overlook the roof when you start your next home project

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Mono-pitched roofs are a popular choice for new homes

When planning a new build, it's easy to get caught up in the latest kitchen, bathroom and interior design trends – it's even encouraged! However, before picking the paint or sampling new carpet, consider your roof.Why you need to think about your roofIf you delve into a project without first considering the importance of the roof, you could be left with expensive repairs down the line. For example, an inadequate roof could suffer water damage more easily and be more susceptible to fire damage.There's also the longevity issue. A lacking roofing product could require an expensive replacement far sooner than a superior product, meaning you have to pay for both a poor roof initially and then the replacement down the line. This is one of the reasons choosing a reputable roofing company and roof product quite important. With an understanding of why your roof is so important, it's time to take a look at the best type of product for new mono pitched roofs.Mono-pitched roof, meet MetrotileMost new home designs favour mono-pitched roofs – those single sloping surface designs. They're certainly a departure from the gabled roofs of old, but there's a reason for the trend. Mono-pitched roofs are easy to construct, cheaper and make rooms feel much larger.Paired with stone-coated steel Metrotiles, you'll have a roof that can stand up to anything. Metrotile profiles fit a minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees. The Metrotile CF Shingle, meanwhile, can fit a minimum roof pitch of 9.5 degrees.There are always new technologies or materials are available in the world of roofing, mono-pitched roofs being no exception. Metrotile products look superb with mono-pitches and are easy to construct, durable and look superb.Find out more about Metrotile

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18 Oct, 2017

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