Building history

Land reclamation, bold architecture and innovative construction methods have made the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre an iconic building with high public exposure
Meeting room with neutral coloured walls, square shaped conference hall, function hall, table, brown
Meeting room with neutral coloured walls, square shaped meeting table with red chairs, with overhead lighting panels.

The firm of Peter Hunt Architect was commissioned as the principle consultant for the building, and led by project architect James Turnbull. The team designed the facility to meet the requirements of the Queensland State Government and to fulfil the aspirations of the developer.

Turnbull says the government brief was pragmatic regarding function, stating the full range of facilities the centre should accommodate. Substantial design freedom was encouraged with respect to aesthetics and the ambience.

"The brief required the building to be of an iconic nature. The Jupiters Limited development team fosters exceptional results, and so, we were encouraged to design a building that was remarkable and marketable. The design team truly enjoyed delivering a project of such high quality within the target budget."

There were two main factors taken into consideration in the design.

Exterior view of section of building showing sloping architecture, building, corporate headquarters, facade, metropolitan area, reflection, sky, structure, black
Exterior view of section of building showing sloping concrete walls, and walls of glazing with roof overhang.

"It is important to understand the building as public infrastructure, complementing the existing and developing precinct of Broadbeach," the architect says. "The building is well set back in the landscape but is highly exposed to the public eye. We ensured that when viewed from a passing car on the highway, one's experience of the building is dynamic and exciting, while encountered on foot, the gradients are gentle and the perception of scale appropriate."

Secondly, the multi-functional nature of the centre had a huge effect on how the building would be proportioned to accommodate the enormous interior volumes required. Turnbull says the gently curving roof forms reduce the perceived exterior scale of the building.

"We carefully positioned the low eaves and transparent curtain wall glazing to reconcile the enormous volume of the building with the pedestrian scaled environment in which it is sited."

Significant design challenges included the design of the steel framework. Accurate fabrication and erection of cold rolled metal products provided the armature on which the sweeping external skin was wrapped, says Turnbull.

View from glazed area of foyer, with red architecture, building, condominium, mixed use, real estate, water, white, brown
View from glazed area of foyer, with red seat, and glimpse of covered walkway.

The centre also embraces many energy efficiency design principles, including the sprung curved roof deck which has 4m-wide eaves to protect the 9m-high glazing from solar penetration.

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Dec 10, 2004
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