With a focus on older residents comes a need for elements such as user-friendly lighting NME provided the specialist electrical installations, the lighting included

View of the electrical systems installed by NME control panel engineeri, electrical wiring, electronics, enclosure, product, gray
View of the electrical systems installed by NME electrical at Summerset by the Park.

NME Electrical is the nominated contractor for Summerset, undertaking and completing villages for the company North Island-wide, says NME Auckland general manager Aaron Theobald.

The company set in place a wide array of electrical features, many specific to the nature of this contemporary retirement complex and the aged-care sector.

View of a hallway with lighting installed by ceiling, daylighting, floor, flooring, hall, home, interior design, lighting, real estate, room, wall, white, brown
View of a hallway with lighting installed by NME Electrical.

"Summerset is diligent in terms of providing high levels of product and service to its residents, which means we are too installing up-to-date main electrical, power distribution, and lighting systems including green aspects, such as lighting control," says Theobald. "We also undertook the mechanical electrical, emergency call, security, access systems, phone/data, as well as energy management and metering in conjunction with innovative electricity retailer EDC (Energy Distribution Company)."

Having completed the full underground reticulation of the site, and Villa Stages 1 and 2, a potential problem could have been integrating the existing systems into the new building's control centre.

View of a pendant lighting installed by NME ceiling, daylighting, lamp, lampshade, light, light fixture, lighting, lighting accessory, product design, white, gray
View of a pendant lighting installed by NME Electrical.

"Innovative thinking and forward planning from all involved meant this wasn't an issue, however, and the changeover happened seamlessly and efficiently," he says. "NME has been involved with the site from the beginning it is very satisfying to see the culmination of a lot of work resulting in a main building of this stature."

For further information, contact NME Electrical, phone (09) 309 6600. Email: office@nme.co.nz, or visit the website: www.nme.co.nz.

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08 Jul, 2009

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