Bold exterior colours add to the appeal of this home

Two gabled cottages linked by a flat-roofed element find delineation through dramatic paint colours

​​​​​​​Low sheen and washable, Resene Picton Blue and architecture, home, house, property, residential, resene, paint, picton blue, scoria, lumbersider
​​​​​​​Low sheen and washable, Resene Picton Blue and Resene Scoria, both in Resene Lumbersider, bring separation and connection on this project.

Architectural form and exterior colours both played a role in this home’s design.

The new house – designed by architect Annabel Cropper of Nott Architects – is comprised of two gabled-roof cottages linked by a shared living and office space.

“The form and scale of the cottages is a nod to the heritage status of the area, while still achieving a modern feel. The bold forms are connected by a flat-roofed element that links and separates them.”

The stand-out architecture is further highlighted by dramatic cladding colours.

”Resene Scoria – a red-brown – was chosen to offset the crisp geometry of the cottages with a warm rustic colour. At the same time, we wanted the cottages to have a monolithic quality, so chose the Resene Scoria to match the red Dimondek roofing for a continuous colour.”

​​​​​​​Two cottage-shaped buildings are finished in Resene Scoria architecture, building, home, house, lighting, resene, scoria, paint, lumbersider
​​​​​​​Two cottage-shaped buildings are finished in Resene Scoria to form part of this multi-element home.

This same tone already existed in the historic cottages in the area, so the choice of colour is also a nod to these houses.

The other main cladding colour used  was Resene Picton Blue, which was chosen to distinguish the flat roofed, central form as a more abstract, contemporary element.

The paints are in Resene Lumbersider based on a tough 100% acrylic resin that maximises durability in exposed settings.

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Dec 21, 2018
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