Boffi kitchen remodel with large island, custom tiled range hood, lantern light skylight

Sleek, contemporary Boffi kitchen with white cabinets, dark backpainted glass cabinets on island, frosted glass, black display shelving, LED lighting

To disguise two structural columns that remained in ceiling, interior design, gray, black
To disguise two structural columns that remained in the center of the room, the architect concealed these within a large island and wrapped them in frosted glass panels.

Linking two spaces to create one is a great way to expand the family living area, and that was precisely what was required in this remodeling project.

Architect Christy Schlesinger of Schlesinger Associate Architects and kitchen designer Julia Walter of Boffi Georgetown teamed up to design a new, elongated kitchen with an integral breakfast area.

Schlesinger says an extension had been added earlier, which created two centralized spaces that separated the eating and food preparation areas.

"The owners wanted to link these in one comprehensive composition," the architect says. "However, the flow was hampered by structural columns through the middle of the kitchen. We also had to take into account an inverted oculus directly under the clerestory that delineated the breakfast room."

To unify the space, curves and angled corners in the original two spaces were removed. Schlesinger also introduced glass fins to the lantern light clerestory. These reinforce the linear look of a recessed ceiling element that echoes the shape of the new island below. The two central columns were absorbed into the island and wrapped in frosted glass panels, with LED lighting enhancing the sculptural effect.

A custom tiled range hood is a key countertop, interior design, kitchen, room, black, gray
A custom tiled range hood is a key feature of this Boffi kitchen.

Boffi Italian cabinetry provides the sleek, modern aesthetic requested by the owners. It also creates an architectural feature along the perimeter of the kitchen.

"Originally, all the windows on this side featured the same dark wood trim as the French doors at the end," says Walter. "But they were not evenly sized."

The architect disguised these windows with sheets of frosted glass that butt up against the white Corian backsplash. Backlit by natural light, the glass has an ethereal look, which is reinforced by floating overhead cabinets.

"This entire wall, and the bank of tall cabinets at the end of the kitchen feature high-gloss polyester lacquer in white," says Walter. "This is a very durable and exceptionally reflective surface it is almost like a mirror."

In contrast the dark backpainted glass island has a surface closer to a matt finish. This cabinetry is teamed with an Absolute Black granite countertop that cantilevers out to create a table for casual dining.

An existing lantern light above the island was architecture, ceiling, countertop, daylighting, house, interior design, kitchen, real estate, table, gray
An existing lantern light above the island was retained, but redesigned with glass fins that reinforce the contemporary nature of the kitchen remodel. New white oak floorboards are laid on the diagonal, which provides a break from the strict geometry of the cabinetry and makes the space seem wider.

"The island anchors the space and ties together the entire kitchen," says Walter.

The main food preparation area is concentrated at the business end of the kitchen, where the architect added a custom tiled hood above the island. This is recessed within the ceiling to create a reveal illuminated with LED lighting.

"The owners love to entertain, and right from the start they said they didn't want a kitchen just to look at," says Walter. "They required a highly functional workplace with durable surfaces and everything stored right where they need it."

However, the aesthetics have not been overlooked. An aluminum and Melamine Boffi display unit ensures favorite china, glassware and books remain on show.

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12 Jan, 2015

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