Bend me, shape me

Handcrafted pieces of designer furniture, which are patterned to fit your home, are the specialty of Glenn Buckley Design

A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley bookcase, cabinetry, furniture, hardwood, home, interior design, library, shelf, shelving, wood, brown, gray
A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley Furniture Design.

A piece of furniture that is not only functional but also a work of art in its own right is something to treasure. However, a one-off piece will not always fit in the corner of a living room. Having a piece designed to suit your specifications eliminates this problem.

Glenn Buckley, of Glenn Buckley Design, produces just this type of furniture. Originally a student of visual arts, Buckley changed his focus when his polytech sculpture course was dropped in favour of a furniture design one.

"I decided then to study furniture design with an aesthetic of sculptural elements," he says.

Buckley had the opportunity early in his career to work for renowned New Zealand furniture designer David Trubridge in his Havelock North studio.

A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley flooring, furniture, hardwood, interior design, product design, table, wood, brown
A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley Furniture Design.

"It was while I was making David's work that I moved away from working primarily with metal, to focus on wood. Wood is alive and exciting the grain tells a story. I use the detail of the grain to enhance the form of a piece," he says.

Buckley focuses on building a good relationship with his clients and providing personal service.

"I measure the space available in the client's home and discuss the various options. By working closely with like-minded people who appreciate good design, I am able to produce an end product that meets their needs perfectly. Often, my work is patterned specifically to fit a tight space or a particular environment in the client's home," he says.

Clients who commission pieces receive Buckley's concept sketches and notes as part of the personal added value of each piece.

A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, wood, wood stain, brown, black
A view of some furniture from Glenn Buckley Furniture Design.

Buckley's designs tend to take sculptural forms and use curving laminates. Many pieces are interactive or adjustable and some have hidden features. Buckley's commissions to date have included bathroom cabinets, kitchen islands and television cabinets. Many of these pieces required both wood and metal-working skills.

Buckley tends to work with exotic timbers, such as white American ash or oak, but clients can request any species of wood, including natives.

For further information, contact Glenn Buckley Design, PO Box 56-599, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446, phone (09) 820 3286, fax (09) 820 3287. Available from Firefly Light & Design, Devonport, Auckland, phone (09) 446 0934 and Eon Design Store, Freemans Bay, Auckland, phone (09) 368 4860. Email: gbd@clear.net.nz. Website: www.glennbuckley.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

03 Nov, 2006