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Door hardware keeps doors in their place

Close up of door opening system. architecture, daylighting, glass, product design, window, white, black
Close up of door opening system.

Fire safety is a serious consideration in any kind of building where large numbers of people gather. But in a school, students generally move about from classroom to classroom in fairly large groups, so an easy flow between spaces is desirable.

To ensure good safety and functionality in the new Performing Arts Centre at St Cuthbert's College, Dorma NZ, in conjunction with Hardware Direct, selected and specified a number of different types of cam-action slide rail door closers. Hardware Direct then supplied and installed the specified closers for the project.

NZ sales manager door controls & glass Steve Piner says to ensure the best possible traffic flow between areas, units that hold the classroom doors open as groups of students file through were chosen. However, if the fire alarm system is activated, the door hold is overridden and the doors immediately close automatically.

Door opening to paved path. architecture, black, gray
Door opening to paved path.

"Our team is regularly challenged to step out and look beyond the normal to achieve a desired result, often in challenging environments, and we nearly always find a solution that works for everyone," he says.

Fire,smoke and entry doors often face significant challenges at the head of the doorset, so early consultation protects functionality, design aesthetic and safety standards. The one door closer system can also incorporate other functions such as integrated smoke detectors and co-ordinating pairs of doors without compromising aesthetics all in a single piece of track on the top of the door.


Close up of door opening system. architecture, building, daylighting, facade, glass, house, line, roof, structure, window
Close up of door opening system.

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09 Jun, 2012